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McDowell CHOICES Project
After-School Physical Activity Programs Request Form
Due January 17, 2014
Description: The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (2008) has recommended the use of comprehensive school physical activity (CSPAP) that incorporate quality physical education (PE), physical activity during school (e.g., recess, active academics in the classroom, intramural sport), physical activity before and after-school, and family/community involvement. The McDowell CHOICES grant provides funding to specifically support your efforts in the areas of before/after-school and family-focused physical activity programming, targeting as many students as possible. The programs can be offered at any time during non-traditional school times this upcoming spring, summer, or fall semesters. The specific grant requirements are as follows:
  • A minimum of two (2 after-school alternative physical activity programs offered (e.g., 5-eek two times a week) per school (before school programs can also be considered).
  • A minimum of one (1) family-focused physical activity program offered (e.g.., 5-week two times a week) in the school setting
Instructions: Please provide the following preliminary information to help us with planning and budgeting. The grant compensates after-school program instructors $35 for up to 20-hours per program through the WVU Lifetime Activities Program (specific arrangements pending). All equipment required to deliver the after-school programs should be identified and purchased using the McDowell CHOICES Equipment Request Form.